"Small businesses, big ambitions"
"When two girls decided to go for it"

This quotes sums it up. Our journey to this world of little ones.

I (Madhu) always wanted to do something of my own. That is when i met Jyothi, my colleague and a person interested in fashion. Over the time we became best friends. The whole story of Centimeter began when we came across kid's clothes made of polyester and other uncomfortable fabrics. We were wondering how comfortable kids would be wearing this in scorching sun. We discussed with few parents and they all agreed with our thoughts but lack of trendy cotton clothes were their concern. That's when we came up with this idea of starting a kids wear brand with only comfortable fabric. At the age of 23 we started CENTIMETER kids wear, just out of passion with zero knowledge of business or what parents look for in kid's clothes. We give utmost importance in choosing good quality cotton, design it for kids comfort.

Initially we struggled a lot to market our clothes and most importantly to make parents understand about the importance of clothes being breathable. With lots of effort we started getting customers, most of them came back for more dresses.

We also believe that every business has a responsibility of giving back to the society. All our team, from tailors to Graphic designers are people around us, who are like us-taking small steps to chase their dreams.