What do we do?

Centimeter is a kids wear brand that provides comfortable, stylish and affordable clothes for kids of age 1-11 years. As a healthier and less toxic option, we choose cotton fabric to design clothes.

Why cotton?

Because it is a Natural product, it offers all the reason why you should choose cotton clothing.

We all want the best for our kids, don't we?

Cotton is less toxic, durable, has moisture control properties, Hypo-allergenic and is suitable for all weather conditions.

So why risk baby skin with synthetic fabrics when we have cotton to rely on?

But aren't cotton clothes, less trendy/attractive?

We would like to quote Colleen at Wood, famous American costume designer:

"I grew up in the age of polyester. When i got the opportunity to touch real silk, cotton & velvet, the feel of non-synthetic fabrics blew me away. I know it is important how clothing looks, but it is equally important how it feels on your skin."

Having said that, we always make sure that we provide the best designs out of the available fabrics to make your kid fashionable.

Why should you buy from our brand?

As a small Indian brand, we are on a journey of continuous improvement. We make every effort to do the best, right from choosing the fabric - to delivering it at your door steps, we take at most care. Our product is manufactured in our neighbourhood by following ethical work standard. We handpick the best fabrics; design it, pack with environment friendly bags (no plastic!!!) and deliver it to you with love. A small purchase from us makes a big difference in our lives.

Now little about us-the founders and our team

We are not 'qualified fashion designers', rather we are 'professional engineers'. Designing clothes is our passion. Before stepping into full time venture, Centimeter was a passion project.