This year, designers offer a wide variety of outfits for little fashionistas. Representatives of the fashion industry are convinced that by instilling in children a taste for beautiful and high-quality clothes from early childhood, loving parents are raising a new generation that, at an older age, will have an individual style and take care of the environmental component of the purchased clothes. Therefore, in 2022, designer clothes for babies are distinguished not only by beauty, comfort and convenience, but also for the most part by environmentally friendly production.

This season, the “Family look” trend continues, which is designed to emphasize harmonious relationships in the family through the use of a common line in clothing. The outfits of little fashionistas copying their parents are presented in a variety of styles. It can be branded children's clothing combined with adult clothing in the style of folk or ethno, glam rock or retro, casual or sports, as well as country or military.

Children's clothing style every year more and more resembles an adult. In stylish suits or elegant dresses, children seem older and more solid, which adds pride for their beloved child to parents.

A huge variety of ornaments, embroideries and prints. Next to the stripe and check, which prevail not only in adult clothing, but also in children's clothing, you can see various patterns, animals, heroes of fairy tales or cartoons.

Bright, original and stylish children's clothing has always been and will be at the peak of popularity. Colorful clothes for newborns were created by designers Tobias & The Bear, distinguished by original fantasy

Thematic clothing. Almost every model from the new collections of popular children's brands can be attributed to a specific theme, which greatly simplifies the search for clothes for parents for their beloved children.

Practical clothing with a simple cut and style. In our clothing store for babies you can choose Molo membrane clothes that protect from wind and cold,stylish, eco-friendly and warm .

And finally, the most popular fabrics for sewing children's clothing are natural materials - cotton, linen, wool, knitwear, velor, denim, chiffon, etc.If you are going to buy branded children's clothing and at the same time want to take care of the health and well-being of your child, we advise you to pay attention only to environmentally friendly materials.