Kids have their own choices after a certain age. When they are infants, they prefer comfortable clothes that allow them to breathe and play happily. Not many kids will be interested to dress up in heavy clothes. In India, we do experience summer most of the time with fewer winter days. Maybe this can be one of the reasons for kids to cling on cotton material.
As a mother of a choosy baby, I have experienced many weird situations where I cannot peacefully dress up my baby whether it may be on any special occasions like birthday, Diwali, anniversary, and even for outings. I need to convince her to wear a good dress.
Gone are the days we have less variety for boy kids and dress up the girls with lots of jewels and silk dresses. In centimeter clothing, you can find it very easy to wear, unique designed outfits for your little ones.

In this article, let us discuss some tips to choose comfortable clothes for your kid’s wardrobe to style them as their wish,
This is the major reason to prefer the material of clothes. Mostly prefer cotton or cotton mixed as that will allow you to breathe and stay easy on the skin. In winter, go for some wool mixed dresses to adjust the cold weather.
In India, we experience very hot summer days where it will be unbearable even for the adults. It is always advisable to choose materials like cotton, linen for kids to absorb the sweat and beat the heat.
Time of the day
The most important factor to be considered is the time of the day that you decide to take your kids out. Whether it is in the sunny morning, cloudy evening, breezy night. Dress them accordingly like cover them fully if you plan to go out in the night. It is best to be fully covered to protect them from mosquitoes and cold wind. Choose some loose outfits for the night, comfortable for the day, and the coolest outfit for the evening.
It is advisable to carry one pair of extra clothing whenever you go out with your kid. They may spoil the dress or some need may arise to change their clothing.
Place of visit
Generally, kids do visit schools, parks, temples, malls, and other places so dress up accordingly where they can be able to withstand the environment and enjoy their fullest. Kids’ mood varies for several reasons just be cautious that it should not be their clothing that disturbs them.

Let us also look into the stages of dressing up kids in their best ways,
Infants (0 to 2 years)
Babies at this age are not aware of anything where they are not even able to communicate their discomforts. So, it is very important to dress them up carefully and mostly prefer dresses that are easy to wear and remove. It should be loose for the babies to wear and be fully open in the front or back.

Toddlers (2 to 8 years)
At this stage, they are aware of everything and they choose what they want and demand their own choice of dresses. It is very challenging to convince this stage kids to wear clothes. Generally, babies lose their fat and tend to grow taller in this age where you will find dresses move above their knees rather than becoming tight in their waist.
Children (8 to 12 years)
Kids grow up in height and the length should be considered instead of age as a measuring unit.

The most preferred fabrics for children’s clothing are,

Material which is usually chosen and it is grown with the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and chemical. The new trend of using organic cotton which are grown without any harmful substances and it is extremely soft for babies.

Material that is very soft and light to wear and also has fewer pesticides when compared to cotton. It is much more breathable than cotton.

This fabric undergoes various processes like dyeing and finishing using chemicals hence it is not preferred much for kids’ clothing.

Bamboo fiber
It is used to make kids underwear, bath towels because of their soft texture, dyeing ability, high elastic resistance, and comfort. This fabric can be blended with other materials like polyester and nylon.

Viscose fiber
Viscose fiber has a luxurious finish and soft texture. The clothes made out of it has a stable shape with a silky touch. Preferable in the manufacture of party wear for kids.

To sum it all, children clothes should have some main characteristics like,
• Mild color and dye that should cause allergy in their tender skin
• No sharp objects or edges should be added that may hurt the kids
• Enough buttons and opening zip in the front or back to remove and wear easily
• No tight dresses are preferred as it may tighten their stomach part
• It should not tighten their neck area in case of overcoats

Be very cautious in choosing clothes for your children. Let them be free in their outfits and you will also enjoy your time with them.