Everything is a new practice to follow when it comes to kids. It is a bit challenging task to choose comfortable clothing for them and maintaining it. It is necessary to keep a pile of clothes in hand to have an alternative to wear on all occasions. So, we are all aware of the fact that cotton is the best material for the kid’s tender skin.

There comes a tough time for the moms to maintain it in the longer run. Generally, I am scared to purchase white-colored clothes for my kid as it is difficult to keep it stain free. There are immense good qualities of cotton but you should also be aware of the wash routine to maintain it as a new garment.

Let us discuss some of the tips to take care right from the purchase of your kid’s dress,

1. Hand wash

It is always preferred to hand wash the kid’s clothes at least for the first time to prevent discoloration. Machine wash can be preferred with some precautions like using mild detergent, wash baby clothes separately, and set in baby care option.

It is best to look for the label in the garment and follow the wash care routine. Always use cold water as that is expected to protect the fabric from wear and tear.

2. Remove stains immediately

It is normal for kids to stain their clothes at some time. So, it is best to wash the stain right away rather than washing it at the end of the day. Pour some water and rinse them off as it will be easy for you.

It is best to focus on the sweat prone areas like the neckline, armpits to eliminate body odors. If in case the stain is strong to remove the use of lemon, vinegar, color-safe bleach, and baking soda on the stained areas. Just have a trial with a small amount to prevent damage.

3. Do not stretch

Cotton is well known for its shrinkage but it can avoid with proper care. Always gentle hand washes for the first few times. While drying the clothes, it is advisable to just hang without any stretching. Tumble dry is not the best option but always dry in the open air with some moisture in the clothes. This allows the fabric to breathe normally and also kills the bacteria when exposed to sunlight.

4. Hang the clothes

Cotton creases easily so it is better to hang the clothes in your wardrobe than folding. Hanging clothes in thick shaped ones help in maintaining the shape of the costume. It also helps you to occupy less space and maintain a mess-free cupboard.

5. Ironing

Ironing the clothes will help to maintain the life of the fabric. But it is always important to reverse the cloth and iron. Always reverse the clothes while hanging as it helps to maintain the color and life of the fabric.

Cotton attracts moth and silverfish to be eaten up by the sweat and natural oil in the clothes. It is best to wash it then and there to avoid such prey. Also, declutter your wardrobe as there are many chances to have moth inside the pile of clothes.

People never dust inside the cupboard but that is where the chances of moth are higher than outside the cupboard. Make sure to have enough space between the clothes and dust off regularly. Naphthalene balls can also be used to protect the cupboard and clothes.

Hence there are many tricks to follow to maintain your cotton clothes. So never be hesitant to invest in those as it is known for its breathability, soft texture, and baby-friendly. Every child deserves the best cuddle and it is only possible with the top-notch fabric. Make your kid feel happy and fresh by dressing up in the best and well-maintained clothes.